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420 or Bust

Uncle Ike’s: Your Favorite Neighborhood Pot Shop, Now Even Leafier!

Picture this: you walk into a chapel of choicest buds, earth’s very own fragrance wafting through, inviting you to dive right in. That’s Uncle Ike’s Marijuana Dispensary for you, your neighborhood haven of peaceful puffs. And guess what? We’ve spread our roots wide across Seahurst, Kirkland, Lake City, and beyond!

Don’t Just Get High, Fly!

Forget about those dreary Seattle clouds! At Uncle Ike’s stores, we specialize in lifting spirits (and people!) high above. Sure, the Space Needle gets you a view, but Uncle Ike’s gets you a perspective. The true beauty of Medina or West Seattle isn’t visible until you’ve got some of our finest in hand.

Curated Cannabis for Connoisseurs

Our boutique pot shop wouldn’t be complete without a stockpile of curated, top-shelf cannabis. Grown in the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest, these handpicked strains make any weed dispensary envious. From the classic Jack Herer to the elusive Purple Wizard, there’s always more to discover. Uncle Ike’s has become the must-visit store for every eco-conscious cannabis connoisseur around town! So, what’s stopping you? Pop by and join the Ike’s family. Trust us, we’re way funnier in person!