The Pure Ganja Way

420 or Bust

Transforming the Cannabis Experience with New Standard

New Standard has set an unparalleled benchmark in the cannabis industry, delivering outstanding customer service and high-quality products. Our chain of Cannabis Provisioning Centers has been praised as the gold standard in cannabis distribution.

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Cannabis Products

We provide an array of products, from flowers and concentrates to tinctures and edibles, $meeting varying consumer needs. Each product procured is selected carefully, ensuring that our vibrant, intellectual, passionate clientele get what they need.

Creating an Inclusive, Educational Environment

New Standard realises that cannabis knowledge varies widely, which is why we focus on creating an inclusive, non-intimidating environment. Each center hosts friendly and educated staff who can guide beginners, as well as engage connoisseurs with insights on advanced products, aiding every customer that walks through our doors.

Whether you’re a cannabis veteran or a novice seeking relief, our team at New Standard is committed to providing the best shopping experience possible. Visit our centers to explore the new standard in Cannabis.