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420 or Bust

Muskegon, the Green Leafy Adventure Awaits

Oh, Muskegon! You quaint Michigan charmer, where the golden sunsets meet the shimmering lake and cannabis cultivation flourishes like a well-orchestrated symphony. Over the grandeur of your terrain, a new leaf has indeed turned.

With the blessing of recreational and medicinal cannabis, you’re not just our beloved lakeside city anymore. You’re the innovator, the harbinger of good (and highly relaxed) times. The town where everyone suddenly has an unexpected bout of glaucoma. (Joking, of course!)

New Standard Muskegon, your trusty guide to this green adventure, is the Willy Wonka of cannabis, providing you with the golden ticket to a world of imaginatively named strains that would put a paint color chart to shame. “Death Star,” “Laughing Buddha,” “Alaskan Thunder-” would you believe these are names of plants and not the latest Marvel superheroes?

So, whether you’re a visitor or a local with the munchies looking for a meandering midnight stroll, remember there’s a little ‘green’ in ‘Great Lakes’. Just be careful, in the new era of Muskegon, you may start seeing more than stars in our brilliant night sky!