The Pure Ganja Way

420 or Bust

Marching Along Uncle Ike’s Green Brick Road

There’s a spot in the Emerald City where all paths lead towards green, and it’s not the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Welcome to Uncle Ike’s Capitol Hill East, your one-stop shop to elevate your appreciation for the sublime world of recreational marijuana.

This Mecca of merriment is not your average marijuana store in Seattle, WA. It’s a place where the magic of Medina, the charm of Seahurst, and the character of Kirkland intertwine. The mesmerizing whiff of the finest cannabis blends energy from all nooks and crannies of our beautiful state into moments of sheer bliss. Whether you’re from White Center, WA or Lake City, WA, this ‘Walhalla’ of weed unfolds a universe of unexplored possibilities.

With a helpful squad ready to guide your journey, the mysteries of marijuana unfold like never before. So, come walk down our green aisles. From recreational weed to useful accessories, Uncle Ike’s has got it all under one roof. Taste, test, explore. Let your senses guide you toward uncharted territories of delight. After all, why should Dorothy have all the fun in Oz?