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Debunking the Myths: An Informative Dive into Cannabis Dispensaries in Michigan

The landscape around cannabis has seen a rapid shift in recent years, especially in Michigan. As pioneers in the arena, New Standard has contributed significantly to this transformation. Yet, despite the changes, misconceptions pervade. Let’s bust some of these myths surrounding cannabis dispensaries in Michigan; from Hazel Park and Sand Lake to Nunica and Edmore.

Myth 1: Cannabis Dispensaries are Unregulated

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis dispensaries aren’t just popping up unregulated. In fact, Michigan has implemented rigorous standards and controls. Stores like New Standard, with locations in Hazel Park, Grand Haven, Sand Lake, and Nunica offer safe, tested products verified by the state.

Myth 2: Dispensaries Only Sell ‘Street’ Weed

The notion that dispensaries sell low-grade marijuana is a common misapprehension. In reality, the quality of medical marijuana purchased from a legal dispensary is likely to be far superior to that purchased illegally. Dispensaries like New Standard ensure that their marijuana is sourced sustainably and is of superior quality, following all regulatory measures.

Myth 3: All Cannabis is the Same

This is akin to saying all wine varieties are the same. The reality is, every strain of cannabis has unique properties, offering differing effects and benefits. Dispensaries such as New Standard understand this, hence they stock a range of cannabis products in their branches including Edmore and Muskegon, among others.

In conclusion, it’s important to navigate carefully and thoughtfully through the sea of misinformation surrounding cannabis. Michigan residents can rest easy in the knowledge that reputable dispensaries like New Standard are here to provide secure, high-quality marijuana options.