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A Day In The Life At Tropicanna Dispensary & Weed Delivery

If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of an employee at a cannabis dispensary like Tropicanna looks like, you’re in the right place. We’ll take you behind our brightly colored, tropical-themed storefront located in Santa Ana, CA, to show you the array of activities that make up an average day at our dispensary and delivery service.

Starting the Day

The day begins with the team preparing for opening times. There’s a lot that goes into making sure the dispensary is clean, welcoming, and ready for customers. This includes tasks such as restocking shelves with high-quality marijuana products and ensuring we’re organized and up-to-date with information about potential stock fluctuations and new additions.

Next up is the morning team meeting. As we operate in multiple locations like Irvine, Fountain Valley, Tustin, Anaheim, and Costa Mesa, communication is key. At these pre-opening briefings, employees are updated on daily sales targets, announced changes in regulations or laws, or informed about particular products to promote.

Interacting With Customers

Once the doors are open, it’s all about the customers. Whether they’re visiting the dispensary in Santa Ana, CA, or ordering online for delivery, our job is to guide them through the expansive world of cannabis products. Team members are not just salespeople; they’re consultants, educated in the different strains of cannabis, their effects, and the best delivery method depending on the individual’s needs or preferences.

The dispensary near me service has been quite a lifeline, especially in this pandemic for people looking to easily access marijuana. By offering marijuana delivery, we cater to a whole different market of convenience-seekers and those who aren’t physically able to come to the dispensary.

It’s Not Just Sales

Working for Tropicanna is not just about selling. It involves continuously learning about products, laws, and customer service. We also take part in local community programs, reinforcing our commitment to the wellness and satisfaction of our customers.

There is rarely a slow day for us, but it all comes back to one goal: helping people explore and get access to a variety of cannabis products. Whether they’re in Santa Ana, CA or nearby areas like Irvine, Costa Mesa, or Anaheim, anyone can experience the dedication and expertise of the Tropicanna team.